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Women In Distress is the only nationally accredited, state-certified, full-service domestic violence center serving Broward County, Florida. Our mission is to stop domestic violence abuse for everyone through intervention, education and advocacy.

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When applying for a position at Women In Distress, be sure to specify the position you are applying for and include a cover letter, resume, and salary requirements, and send the employment application via e-mail to
Application/resumes received are maintained for at least one year. As new positions are posted, resumes are reviewed, and those reflecting qualifications indicated on the posting are submitted to the department supervisor for further consideration. No phone calls, please.

Open Positions

Event Planner & Donation Drive Coordinator

Location:The Events and 3rd Party Coordinator works primarily from the central administrative offices of Women In Distress located in Deerfield Beach, Florida. While the Events and 3rd Party Coordinator may at times work remotely, doing so would be episodic and not the primary mode of employment. Job duties will also include driving to multiple locations to aid in donation pickup.
Compensation:$38,500/yr, F/T
Job ID:3767

InVEST Advocate

Location:Jim and Jan Moran Family Center, Deerfield Beach. Florida
Job ID:3573

Outreach Advocate

Location:Jim and Jan Moran Family Center, Deerfield Beach. Florida
Job ID:3218

Outreach Child and Family Therapist Bilingual Preferred

Location:Women In Distress’ Family Center and Satellite locations
Job ID:3012

Outreach Support Clerk

Location:Jim and Jan Moran Family Center, Deerfield Beach. Florida
Job ID:2917

Residential Family Advocate

Location:Women In Distress’ Emergency Shelter
Compensation:Starting hourly rate $18.00/hour
Job ID:2918

Residential Advocate Overnight, Part time Weekend

Location:Women In Distress’s Emergency Shelter
Compensation:Starting hourly rate $18.00/hour plus Differential Pay and PTO benefits.
Job ID:2921

Residential Advocate Overnight

Location:Women In Distress’s Emergency Shelter
Compensation:Starting hourly rate $18.00/hour plus Differential Pay and full benefits
Job ID:2922

Outreach Child and Family Therapist Bilingual Required

Location:Women In Distress’ Family Center and Satellite locations
Job ID:2923

Outreach Adult Therapist

Location:Women in Distress Family Center with flexibility to work out of residential facility as needed.
Compensation:$19.00-$21.00/hour; Salary commensurate upon experience.
Job ID:2637

Employee Testimonials

“Working at WID is welcoming and professionally invigorating. The company invests a great deal of resources in training each employee to have the highest level of preparation and credentials for their work. The leadership is outstanding and very supportive as you develop into your role and duties. I am fortunate to have strong and highly experienced leadership. I have developed professionally through my direct mentoring and extensive training. I am developing and advancing my personal credentials because of this process. Working for WID is not a job, it is an opportunity to learn from the best. All supervisors and directors are SMEs. They are always friendly, respectful, and welcoming. The wealth of knowledge to learn is endless. WID’s training program allows employees to gain valuable credentials throughout their tenure. Having a company invest in my personal success makes me feel trusted, relied upon, and empowered. I am honored to be developing into a progressive career within an amazing organization.” — Carolyn P., QA Manager

“Work at WID is a professional achievement for me because since I moved to USA from Brazil, I always wanted to do the same work I was doing there, to do what I really like to do, to help people. To make a difference in the lives of people who need support and at WID I accomplished that. When I tell my friends or family that I am working at the WID, everybody congratulates me because they know how serious the agency is about providing and developing quality and worthy work for survivors of domestic violence. WID has a very friendly environment, the leadership always encourages us to keep learning and providing ethical and respectable work.” — Eloisa A., Court Advocate

“Working at WID has been such a fun adventure for me. Each day looks different and there’s never a chance for boredom. It has been a great honor for me to walk alongside some many wonderful professionals who are also focusing on the goal of eradicating domestic violence. The awesome comradery helps alleviate some of the stress of such intense work. While working at WID I have been able to explore new skills and build on existing understanding as well as using so much of my training. It has been so much fun seeing my talents and skills being able to be utilized in so many rewarding ways. Most of all, it has been extremely fulfilling to have an opportunity to impact lives and see people blossom and grow into a fuller sense of who they are and who they are meant to be, along with feeling safe and confident in their paths in life.” — Gail R., Therapy Services Supervisor

“Working at WID the last two years, in sum, has been both rewarding and stimulating. I monitor the 24/7 statewide crisis line, wherein each survivor’s call I handle and each situation I work to resolve is unique and thought-provoking. When challenges routinely arise, I appreciate that I am permitted the freedom to be self-reliant and solve problems utilizing my discretion. Furthermore, I appreciate the trust bestowed upon me by management to train and mentor new and existing employees on various platforms. This has allowed me to continue to develop professionally and to form good relationships among my team members through steady communication. It is refreshing to work with a group of like-minded individuals who hold the same drive and compassion for survivors as I do. In addition to my colleagues, it should be noted that, since my first day on the job, the upper management team has always been approachable and accessible for questions and concerns when needed. I truly appreciate the support and growth I have experienced with WID over the years. With the company’s endless offerings of learning opportunities and areas for growth, I remain confident to handle all issues that might arise in this ever-changing field and that I will continue to prosper with WID as it continues to progress.” — Kristie D., Crisis Hotline (Statewide)

“I love working for WID. It’s amazing when you work for an organization that aids survivors and their families of domestic violence, that there is a sense of calmness at the agency. Doing this type of work can be a strain on you mentally, spiritually, and sometimes physically, but when you hear from a survivor how grateful they are for your help, the efforts made are worth the strain. I find it rewarding when walking from one building to another with a smile and saying good morning to someone and they tell you “Great Job” for no reason other than because you showed up that morning and were dedicated to making a difference in someone’s life that you may never hear a thank you from. Working at WID has developed me professionally and personally greatly. At my previous employer, I worked on a lower level doing the same thing, but WID saw my potential and knew my work and expertise should be held to a higher standard. Challenging me to help with standard practices and some restructuring in the department I serve. Because I do not directly serve the participants, training, and other types of activities on domestic violence have educated me when speaking with friends and sources in the community.  I feel very proud to let others know who we serve and how impactful WID is in the community.  WID provides an essential need to the community. Not only to those who we serve but creating a safe space and exhibiting to other organizations and resources to aid in helping rebuild families.” — Kanishia H., Database Administrator

Non-Discrimination Policy

Women In Distress does not discriminate by reason of race, sex, color, age, national origin, religion, mental or physical ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran or military reserve status, immigration status, or language spoken.  All room assignments, activities, programs, etc. are provided in a non-discriminatory manner.  Applicants with disabilities who may need accommodations are encouraged to contact Diane Smith, Human Resources Manager at 954-760-9800 ext. 1034 5 days prior to scheduled interview, so that reasonable accommodations may be coordinated.

24-Hr Crisis Hotline: 954.761.1133 | 711 TDD/TYY for Florida Relay Telecommunications Services
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