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24-Hour Crisis Hotline

Women In Distress operates a 24-hour crisis hotline that provides crisis intervention, advocacy services, counseling and information on domestic violence.

Call Now 954-761-1133

Last year, the crisis hotline answered a total of 15,301 calls and provided survivors and the community with critical services.

The hotline is staffed by trained advocates and volunteers who focus on helping callers reach the following goals:

  • Ensure survivors are provided with appropriate services on the hotline and are connected to Residential and Outreach services.
  • Ensure prompt provision of appropriate referrals for callers to one of Women in Distress’ many community partners.

What You Need to Know

A survivor’s first step to accessing Women In Distress’ services is to call our 24-hour crisis hotline (954-761-1133). An advocate will immediately answer the call and provide information about services and the next steps to keep the victim and their children safe. The family will be brought to shelter, if needed and available, or to counseling services at our Jim & Jan Moran Family Center.

After the initial call to the 24-hour crisis hotline, an advocate will greet the victim, assess their needs, provide resources, educate them on the dynamics of domestic abuse and assist with individual safety planning in order to encourage the victim to plan for a secure place if not in shelter.

Women In Distress focuses its efforts on providing an environment that will help survivors recover from the traumatic effects of victimization and develop an understanding and awareness of the dynamics of domestic violence. This is accomplished by empowering them to gain independence and self-sufficiency.

The services offered at Women In Distress are essential to helping survivors rebuild their lives after victimization. Our services also help them understand and participate in the criminal justice system, and provide them with safe shelter, if needed. Through the empowerment method, we encourage our participants to freely choose the programs and services in which they wish to participate. During the first critical days after participants begin seeking services at Women In Distress, the advocate will be with them as a support system, someone they can lean on as she or he begins a new life.

Services for Male Survivors of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence cuts across all boundaries–class, wealth, race, and in particular, gender. Unfortunately, the history of the anti-domestic violence movement has meant that women have been recognized as victims long before men. As a result, there are still very few services in the domestic violence community designed specifically for men as victims.

At Women In Distress, we are changing that. We have seen a significant increase in male survivors seeking services and, as a result, we now provide support groups, shelter and other services for men who are survivors of dating violence or domestic abuse. It allows a safe space for men to talk openly and without judgment about their unique experiences so that they can better understand their situations and find the tools necessary to positively impact their future.

CRISIS HOTLINE: 954-761-1133TTY/TDD: 711

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24-Hr Crisis Hotline: 954.761.1133 | 711 TDD/TYY for Florida Relay Telecommunications Services
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